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Reaganomics was only a debt transfer from the government to consumers. Creating an environment of loose loan standards and easy credit is how you bring in tax revenue from money that does not exist. Instead, the economy should be about liberty, not economic servitude disguised as prosperity and designed to grow the state. Debt created from fiat currency is the reason for the financial crises, high taxes, heavy government regulations, and poverty disparity. It is the tool of the state. How many business, jobs, and tax revenue can be created through a single sale of a $500,000 house alone? How is replaced if not by another loan? Inflation? Pro-growth economies only means that consumers are taking out more loans which eventually has to be repaid. And where does this money come from? A future loan. Credit created through debt is extinguished when the debt is paid off and as such must be replaced just to sustain the economy. This is the reason for economic disparity and inflation. If anything the economy should be a zero sum game if you want to spread real prosperity, not the illusion of it, to your fellow man.

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