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The justice system should be privatized, thus allowing judges, juries, and private district attorneys to compete with each other for clients in both criminal and civil cases. Not only would this make it a more efficient and pleasant experience, but it would save a lot of money, get rid of frivolous lawsuits, allow for specialization, and make for efficient rulings based on law and not politics. It would be up to the victims or their families to hire and prosecute a case, instead of seeking the DA’s acceptance, currently. However, the pubic DA still could prosecute cases that have no voice. Competition and private market forces will keep judges, juries, and DA corruption in check. As of now, there is little way of stopping abuse and political motivations. And, they can be funded privately or through legal insurance. Both the plaintive and defense lawyers can duke it out as they do today with the same arguments, but common law should be abolished. And one still should be able to appeal their cases to a higher level private judge that can over turn bad convictions. In fact, the model can mirror and compete with the current system with private judges, juries, and DAs. If this were the case now, both district attorneys and judges would be held accountable for gross negligence and be held accountable, unlike today. So they will not be able to ruin the lives of others for political gain like the duke case.


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