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Public schools are nothing more than a holding pen for children within a fake world. Officially the purpose of such schools is to teach kids, but the real purpose is to keep kids locked up in one place for a big chunk of the day so adults can get things done. In other words, adults have no economic use for them. and they have abandoned children to spend years cooped up together with nothing real to do, under the guise of education. It would be far better for young teenagers to receive an apprenticeship or get a real job in the real world along with adults. In this way, they are learning real things, gaining real life experience, and committed to something that is real not something that becomes a popularity contest among other children. Mandatory Public education is nothing more than a prison for most kids subjecting them to the cruel whims of other children. If one was really concerned about their well being, there not be any such thing as mandatory public education, especially when there is so much free, more accurate, and far greater education created on the internet. Thanks to the internet, children who want a specialized education has access to a far greater amount of knowledge than any dull and dimwitted public curriculum. So this is hope for the future. In fact, public education is already obsolete, especially for the poor.. But if they wish to still take classes, they should pay for it.


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No government or regulating entity, from local to national, should be allowed to make a budget based on permit, fees, tickets, penalties, etc. Nor should they be able to use keep this money. This money should be taken out of circulation. In this way, we can help eliminate the eventual overregulation and “nanny state” . And laws will be implement designed not to fleece the population but it’s designated cause.

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